RasMal Benevolent/Soft loans (Qard)

RasMal Benevolent/Soft loans (Qard) is designed to meet the immediate and short-term funding needs of our customers under the following terms.

a) Tenor: The tenor ranges from 4 and 8 weeks.
b) Eligibility: Civil servants, Organised Private Sector employees (Banks, Insurance and Pension fund administrators) Police, Military and Para-military service personnel
c) Minimum Loan Amount: N50,000
d) Interest Rate: Zero interest charge
e) Collateral/Security: No Collateral
f) Salary Domiciliation: Not compulsory
g) Documentation: BVN, proof of identity including National Identity Card (NIN), employee ID, and 6 months bank statement. All documents must be duly notarized by a notary public.

We are Nigeria’s leading ethical fund management company and offer full service funds management that serve private and institutional investors across various portfolios.

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